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Northridge, CA (PRWEB) June 28, 2012 is proud to announce quite a few new grow boxes and stealth hydroponics systems. Many models have been included thus providing a nice variety to choose from. Some models include the stealth box, stealth box mega, grandma’s secret garden, yielder grow boxes, and for those who don’t use hydroponics, we now offer the earth cab series that uses soil instead of hydroponics.


The #1 feature people are looking for is a stealth grow box. Although most of our grow boxes are stealth, not all of them are as stealth as the new stealth box or the stealth box mega. These two grow boxes are a bit more expensive only because they have the highest quality parts to provide users with a completely stealth indoor garden. You can view these two grow boxes on


Grandma’s secret garden is a 9 plant semi-large grow box that is for beginner’s who are looking to grow up to nine plants. This is an easy to operate hydroponics system. Grandma’s secret garden also comes with instructions and tech support just like all of our grow boxes.


The Yielder series of grow boxes are essentially a variety of five different hydroponic systems differentiating themselves in size and capacity. For those looking for a medium grow box or a very large one, the Yielder grow boxes offer enough variety to choose from.


The Earth Cab hydroponic systems are similar to the Yielder grow boxes except that they all use soil. Although hydroponics is the preferred method of growing indoors, some traditional gardeners would rather use soil. This is understandable.


“Any product posted on goes through a testing phase to ensure quality. If it passes the test, it is then posted on,” says Maria Spear, manager of will also upload new grow boxes on the site in the future.


About is the primary source for hydroponic systems and hydroponics equipment since 2009. With a large variety of grow boxes and grow tents, Dealzer provides the utmost quality service both before and after the purchase. For more information, please call 888-HYDRO-81 or visit

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Guardian Monitor


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General Hydroponics Aeroflo2 Aeroponics System – 36 Sites


More Aeroponics Systems Products

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Hydrohobby Helping People to Get Growing This Spring


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(PRWEB) March 28, 2013

Coventry-based HydroHobby Ltd. hopes to help gardeners of all levels of experience “get going growing” this spring. The company, which was founded in 2002, is one of the largest retailers of hydroponics equipment in the UK.


The company attributes its success to word-of-mouth marketing. Their headquarters is located in a rural farm complex in the heart of the Midlands and they work tirelessly to provide their customers with hydroponics equipment, nutrients, grow-room tools and other equipment necessary to grow your favourite plants successfully.


Hydrohobby’s store is located on Brook Farm in Coventry. The store is open seven days a week and after browsing the hydroponics equipment on offer, visitors can explore the farm shop and enjoy a drink in the on-site cafe.


In addition to their bricks and mortar store, Hydrohobby has an online store. The company is currently running several promotions to help people get started with hydroponics. Current offers include:
10% off fan controllers when purchased with extractor fans, carbon filters and ducting.
5% off grow tents when they are purchased with an extractor fan and lighting system.
Get a Bluelab nutrient truncheon for just

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Hydroponics has evolved as a tremendously successful breakthrough for plant growers, who can cultivate food, grain, fruits, plants, and flowers with much more ease and much less expense!

The term Hydroponics comes from the Greek language, where hydro means water and ponos means labor. Researchers that plants take in the essential mineral nutrients for their growth in the form of inorganic ion in water, and that soil merely serves as a reservoir for the mineral nutrition solution realized it long ago. Hence was born the idea of hydroponics, which is a means of growing plants through mineral nutrient solutions and there is no use of soil. The mineral nutrition is dissolved in water and supplied to the plants roots through artificial means instead of soil. Examples of such ‘grow media’ used in hydroponics include gravel, mineral wool, prelate, and coconut husk. It may be noted that in some of the various methods of hydroponics, growing media is not even required, and the mineral solution is provided directly to the roots of the plants.

Hydroponics, as indicated above can be conducted using several different methods. The simplest of these is what is known as Passive Hydroponics, in which a plant is placed in container with growing medium that stands in the tray of the nutrient solution. The water and nutrients are supplied to the plant roots through capillary action.

Other prominent hydroponics systems include the Flood and Drain (also known as Ebb and Flow), drip feeding, wick feeding, raft cultivation, Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Deep Water Culture, and Aeroponics.

As stated at the beginning of this article, Hydroponics has proven to be a magnificent breakthrough in the world of gardening and plant growing. In fact, the ease and efficiency of the various hydroponics processes has lured even those people to pursue it as a hobby, something, which perhaps would not have been interested in with conventional soil, based gardening.

But as with anything, it would be worthwhile to take stock both the merits and demerits of this rather radical way of plant cultivation. Discussed below are the advantages and disadvantages associated with hydroponics.


With hydroponics, plant cultivation entails much less space and time, compared to the traditional ways of soil based cultivation
There is an increased efficiency in the use of labor and garden maintenance
Cost efficiency is a prominent feature of hydroponics since there is significant water conservation and the plant nutrients are reusable or recyclable.
Owing to the fact in hydroponics, no soil is used, there is a significant decrease in pests, weeds, and plant borne disease
Hydroponics also enables a plant grower to exercise greater control over the growing environment, since temperature, humidity, and lights can be easily adjusted to provide adequate benefits
Finally, it has been proven that with hydroponics, there are considerably higher and richer plant yields, than there are in a soil based plant cultivation method.


Although once the hydroponics systems have been set up for plant cultivation, the actual equipment used can be rather expensive
If hydroponics is used for commercial purposes, it is imperative that plant growers are adequately adept and knowledgeable as how to use the system
Although there is generally a reduced risk of pests and diseases with hydroponics, there is still a risk that these can spread from one plant to another owing to the fact that they share the same nutrient solution
Should the plant cultivation environment be at all adverse, plants grown through hydroponics can wither easily
Similarly, excess humidity or limited presence of oxygen in the cultivation environment can also result in decreased plants yields or crop loss

If the above mentioned factors are appropriately considered, plant growers would be able to decide more easily as to whether they should use this method at all, and if so, they would be in better position to decide upon the appropriate hydroponics system for plant cultivation.

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How To Make An Aquaponics System Step By Step Video Review

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Growing Herbs Indoors : Your Guide To Growing Herbs In Containers For A Vibrant Indoor Herb Garden


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Grow Boxes and Hydroponics Systems Manufacturer Now Offering Financing


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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 23, 2013

Over the years, SuperCloset has received multiple requests for financing options for their grow box products. Now with Bill Me Later, SuperCloset can now offer its customers a way to buy now and pay later. Bill Me Later acts as credit line thats built into PayPals online offering. PayPal is the leading online payment service that fuels many online ecommerce platforms. SuperCloset has offered PayPal as a method of payment to its customers for the last ten years. Bill Me Later allows the customer to pay for purchases in 2 simple steps through the collection of basic credentials. SuperCloset customers need to have a PayPal account to use Bill Me Later. To begin to use Bill Me Later the customer enters their birth date and the last 4 digits of their Social Security number and accepts the terms. Approval takes only seconds. The customer can set Bill Me Later as the preferred payment method in their PayPal account and thereby increase the speed of their checkout procedure. Bill Me Later is subject to credit approval but most users are approved.

Partnering with Bill Me Later has allowed SuperCloset to get more of its products into the hands of customers who were once relegated to having to save up for the full cost of the grow box system that they desired. Now with Bill Me Later financing, a SuperCloset customer can begin growing quicker and achieve the results they always dreamed about.

About SuperCloset:

SuperCloset products are perfect for the novice hobbyist through master grower as every imaginable high quality component comes with the grow boxes and hydroponics systems.

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Bubblicious Strain Weird Growing Leaves/Weed/Pot/Hydroponics/ Redneck Grow Box/Deepfreeze


bubblicious strain weird growing leaves/weed/pot/hydroponics/ redneck grow cabinet/deepfreeze

Great Video on stealth grow box

bubblicious strain weird leaves ,,help ..comment more videos coming soon waiting on cash crop hydroponic grow box grow cabinet.

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Earth Worth Yo-Yo Reflector Hanger System Hydroponics Kit For Grow Light Kits – Dependable and Affordable!