Legalize Marijuana Efforts in the News Today 2 May 2013

Armstrong Legalize Marijuana

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Today in the legalization of Medical Marijuana here are the top stories to follow. Maryland Governor is signing a bill into law today that will provide access to Medicinal Marijuana under controlled conditions. New to the fight, Minnesota politicians are introducing their version of a Medical Marijuana bill today. And finally in Seattle they are struggling to find their way with the new legalization of marijuana law. Read more below and more news to follow soon.

Minn. Lawmakers to Introduce Medical Marijuana Bill Thursday
Minn. Lawmakers to Introduce Medical Marijuana Bill Thursday. A bill legalizing medical marijuana is back in Minnesota. On Thursday, a group of lawmakers from both parities will introduce legislation that would allow Minnesotans to use medical
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Medical Marijuana Bill To Be Signed
WBAL Radio
Program applications will be required to specify qualifying medical conditions for treatment; treatment duration and dosage; where marijuana would be obtained; sources of funding; and a plan for monitoring data and outcomes. Along with the medical
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Uncertainty looms as medical-marijuana providers consider what I-502 will mean
Queen Anne News
Lisa Dank, media coordinator at North Seattle Medical Collective, said, “There will be some conglomerate grow operations that are funded by the state and monitored. And with that, I expect it to be just average quality, because growing plants is a full
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Queen Anne
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