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Northridge, CA (PRWEB) June 28, 2012 is proud to announce quite a few new grow boxes and stealth hydroponics systems. Many models have been included thus providing a nice variety to choose from. Some models include the stealth box, stealth box mega, grandma’s secret garden, yielder grow boxes, and for those who don’t use hydroponics, we now offer the earth cab series that uses soil instead of hydroponics.


The #1 feature people are looking for is a stealth grow box. Although most of our grow boxes are stealth, not all of them are as stealth as the new stealth box or the stealth box mega. These two grow boxes are a bit more expensive only because they have the highest quality parts to provide users with a completely stealth indoor garden. You can view these two grow boxes on


Grandma’s secret garden is a 9 plant semi-large grow box that is for beginner’s who are looking to grow up to nine plants. This is an easy to operate hydroponics system. Grandma’s secret garden also comes with instructions and tech support just like all of our grow boxes.


The Yielder series of grow boxes are essentially a variety of five different hydroponic systems differentiating themselves in size and capacity. For those looking for a medium grow box or a very large one, the Yielder grow boxes offer enough variety to choose from.


The Earth Cab hydroponic systems are similar to the Yielder grow boxes except that they all use soil. Although hydroponics is the preferred method of growing indoors, some traditional gardeners would rather use soil. This is understandable.


“Any product posted on goes through a testing phase to ensure quality. If it passes the test, it is then posted on,” says Maria Spear, manager of will also upload new grow boxes on the site in the future.


About is the primary source for hydroponic systems and hydroponics equipment since 2009. With a large variety of grow boxes and grow tents, Dealzer provides the utmost quality service both before and after the purchase. For more information, please call 888-HYDRO-81 or visit

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