How To Purchase Medical Use Cannabis


How To Purchase Medical-Use Cannabis

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Sacramento Medical Marijuana Laws and Prices


It is legal to use medical marijuana in California but possession of this alternative medicine of more than 28.5 grams is punishable under federal law. Keep in mind that the federal government is still against the idea of legalizing the use of cannabis even for medical purposes. To avoid being arrested and prosecuted by federal government, patients and even dispensary caregivers should stay below the medicinal marijuana immunity law passed by the California legislature.

Once you have been caught possessing cannabis for personal use and without proper documentation to use this alternative drug, you will be convicted with misdemeanor and you will be forced to pay a fine of $ 100 and will be jailed for at least six months. But if you can provide sufficient identification card to use this medicinal marijuana for your medical condition, the officer will not arrest you. As long as you have the proper Medical Marijuana Identification card, you will spare the arrest.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Sacramento Region

Medicinal Marijuana can easily be found around Sacramento. It is a common sight around the region, and every county has dispensaries that offer great quality cannabis products for various sicknesses. Contact nearby dispensaries on how you can get this alternative medicine for your medical needs but stay away from buying off the street, you have no idea what you will be getting. Sometimes people will offer it up in exchange for gasoline or a ride, don’t dare accept what they are offering if you want to avoid being locked up in jail.

Cultivation of Marijuana is a Felony

It is said under the Federal law that “Every person who plants, cultivates, harvests, dries, or processes any marijuana or any part thereof, except as otherwise provided by law, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison.”

There is an exemption though, authorities will spare you under Penal Code 1000, if you are found cultivating medical cannabis for personal use as long as you won’t sell it to anyone. The Senate Bill 420 and the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 allow a very limited amount to cultivate cannabis but for medical purposes only.

Now that you know the legalities of this alternative medicine, let me share to you some of the prices of medical cannabis.

Sacramento Marijuana Prices


Grape Dream

-$ 15 per gram

Super Silver Haze

-$ 13 per gram

UK Cheese

- $ 17 per gram

Purple Dragon

- $ 13 per gram


Tweezy / Galaxy / Amigos

- $ 12 Each

EL Camino Wellness Center is the most sought after Dispensary in the region that provides high quality Sacramento Medical Marijuana products. To get to know more about this Medical Marijuana in Sacramento, log on to! Visit us now!

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Not a Good day for Medical Marijuana in America


Medical marijuana dispensary on Ventura Boulev...

Top news today on Medical Marijuana is not all good that’s for sure. Court rules in Riverside California case stating that it is OK for local government to ban dispensaries despite the state law that has legalized it. The Feds are stepping up on West Coast dispensaries and trying to shut them down.

And much more you can read below. It appears that the will of the people and state laws are being totally ignored or overruled at every turn. The fight to get Medical Marijuana available to those that need it is far from won. We need to keep up the pressure. If you haven’t already, consider joining our “Take Action” Petition and Newsletter by CLICKING HERE today.

MEDICAL MARIJUANA: Local governments can ban dispensaries, court rules
In a case that originated in Riverside, the California Supreme Court ruled 7-0 that local governments can ban medical marijuana dispensaries. The court said nothing in current laws authorizing medical marijuana in California grants a “right” of
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Medical Marijuana Inc.: Whistling Dixie, Blowing Smoke
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I have been so focused on transparency and accounting issues that I have missed what may be an even bigger part of the story: Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA.PK) gets no benefit from sales of Dixie Elixirs and other Dixie products in Colorado. I first
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Montana’s Medical Marijuana Battle: “Code of the West” Filmmaker Rebecca
The film chronicles the legislative battle over a bill that would repeal the state’s 2004 legalization of medical marijuana. The fight was spurred by some Montanans’ concerns over the appearance of medical marijuana dispensaries and advertisements in
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Feds Ramp Up Crackdowns On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
In several West Coast cities, federal officials are initiating a new round of crackdowns against dispensaries that are seemingly complying with state medical marijuana law. In Seattle, 11 dispensaries received shutdown warnings. In San Francisco
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Medical Cannabis Advocates to Rally in Statewide Protest Against the Feds
SF Weekly (blog)
Medical cannabis supporters will rally in front of the San Francisco Federal Building at noon today, joining Sacramento and Los Angeles to protest the feds’ nonstop stonewalling of California medical marijuana laws. Rally organizers are urging
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SF Weekly (blog)
Texas Penalty Reduction Bill Advances, Medical Marijuana Bill Awaits Vote
The Daily Chronic
AUSTIN, TX — As the legalization of marijuana — and marijuana reform in general — has gained traction across the country, legislators in Texas are considering several bills that would reduce the penalties for some marijuana offenses.. Introduced in
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Marijuana Dispensaries For Sale California Steady Growth of the Medical Marijuana Market


marijuana dispensaries for sale california  Steady Growth of the Medical Marijuana Market

Great Video on marijuana dispensaries | Expert Attorney Medical Dispensary Law Attorney Omar Zambrano – Free Consultation 1-800-985-8650 The primary goal of Attorney Omar…

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Marijuana Dispensaries


In the United States these days, there are fifteen states that have approved the use of cannabis for qualified individuals with medical worries. There are practically as a lot of thinking about the exact same legalization laws. In states that are legalized for health care cannabis utilization, it is crucial to receive a medical marijuana card. Having a health-related cannabis card enables you entry into health-related marijuana dispensaries, also recognized as hashish clubs. A medical cannabis dispensary is a area exactly where clients can obtain their supplies, as most individuals lack the knowledge and area to develop their very own provide. In California by itself, there are more than 5 hundred health-related marijuana dispensaries.

It is a fact that a medical marijuana dispensary helps by reducing criminal offense and enhancing basic safety for inhabitants where the law is in effect. Marijuana dispensaries give several strains of cannabis to clients struggling from at the very least 250 distinct illnesses that include, but are not limited to chronic pain, autism, stress, writer’s cramp, psoriasis, glaucoma, migraines, melancholy and people working with the outcomes of chemotherapy. Cannabis is 1 of the only substances on Earth known to remedy the nausea caused by chemotherapy, gradual the onset of blindness from glaucoma and aid clients struggling from depression without bothering the bodies’ chemical balance. There have been no damaging prolonged-time period facet outcomes linked with any of these remedies. Marijuana has been used as an effective medication dating back again at the very least 6,000 a long time.

Once a medical marijuana card is received, individuals are legally presented the correct to buy hashish from these dispensaries. Some of the several common strains offered that are acknowledged to be valuable to patients incorporate Purple Kush, Large Bang, AK-47, White Widow and Afghani #1. Not everybody chooses these strains, some men and women want quantity and buy schwag, a low cost alternative.

Dispensaries really don’t just quit at offering the bud by itself, also offered are cannabis and kif, as well as marijuana brownies, cookies, gelati, honeys, butters, cooking oils, bottled chilly drinks, capsules, lozenges, sprays and even salves. Some dispensaries offer you rooms with Volcano vaporizers to safely medicate with other individuals. A health-related marijuana card also presents you the correct to grow up to 6 vegetation, even so, dispensaries are provided for usefulness to individuals that have no desire or deficiency the ability to expand their very own.

With fifteen states presently legalized for health-related marijuana therapy and many more states considering related laws, this has verified to be an efficient resource for patients struggling from all kinds of ailments. Medical cannabis is a normal selection several folks pick above typical medication that are almost usually associated with unwelcome aspect results.

To uncover the health-related marijuana dispensaries closest to your place, or to uncover a healthcare cannabis physician or lawyer, check out the health care marijuana Listing absolutely everyone use`s. has the widest choice for individuals to select from.

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New Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Phoenix Arizona


bloomYesterday, April 24th 2013 the first medical marijuana dispensary in Phoenix opened its doors on the city’s east side. The Bloom Dispensary is located near the light rail station at Washington and 44th Streets.

The executive director says it’s a safe, clean place for patients to get their medicine.

They’ll need their medical marijuana certification cards issued by the state, as well as a photo ID. Products available include multiple strains of the drug and marijuana foods, like brownies.

We spoke to a first-time user who is hoping marijuana can ease her chronic pain.

“I’m cautiously optimistic because I know from talking to people that this works for some people and some people it doesn’t. But I would much rather use something like this than go to a harder medication,” says Debra Howard.

“We work closely with the Arizona Department of Health Services, everything we do is reported to them, every patient that comes through here, they know about our system. Our computer system is in cahoots with theirs, it’s all in conjunction together,” says Lezli Engelking, executive director of Bloom in Phoenix.

Right now there are 38,000 medical marijuana patients in our state. Sixteen dispensaries have been approved. Another 13 are awaiting inspections to open.

Arizona issued 98 licenses for dispensaries statewide.

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