Think The Cops Are Against Us?

Police Want To Legalize Marijuana Too!

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The police disagree with the criminalization of Marijuana use too!

In Rolling Stone Magazine Baltimore narcotics veteran Neil Franklin says:

“If you are truly a proponent of public safety, if you truly want safer communities, then it’s a no-brainer that we have to end drug prohibition and treat [marijuana] as a health issue, like we did with tobacco,” says Franklin. “Education and treatment is the most effective and cost-efficient way to reduce drug use.”

On the other hand, adds Franklin, “If you support a current system of drug prohibition, then you support the very same thing that the cartel and neighborhood gangs support. You might as well be standing next to them, shaking hands.  Because they don’t want an end to prohibition, either.”

Read the full article… It’s interesting to understand this war on drugs from their perspective!

Spoiler Alert – They think the system is a mess too!

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Getting A Medical Marijuana Card: The 6 Key Steps Reviews


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Not everyone agrees that Medical Marijuana Works


2011 04 11 - 7652 - Washington DC - DC Rights ...

The discussion on the validity of Marijuana in treating pain still rages on. One of the big issues is the lack of direction at the Federal Level which has led for a great deal of disparity between the 19 states that now have a Medical Marijuana law.

There is no clear cut standard as to which ailments the Marijuana should be used for and that is based entirely on misleading and uninformed lawmakers deciding on this every important issue. Below is a chart those shows the differences between each state and how wide and varying it is. All of this leads to further confusion and uncertainty.

It’s about time that the Feds step in and create a Federal Medical Marijuana framework that each of the states can work withing to satisfy the growing majority that now support the use of Medical Marijuana.

Strong Scientific Opinions on both Sides of Medical Marijuana Issue.

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Fox News Sees Legal Marijuana In Its Crystal Ball


Fox News Sees Legal Marijuana In Its Crystal Ball

Great Video on cook with pot

Stuart Varney: Smoke it then tax it. Today democrat lawmakers rolling out new legislation to regulate and tax marijuana. Bill O’Reilly: As we predicted there…

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Legalize Marijuana Efforts in the News Today 2 May 2013

Legalize Marijuana
Armstrong Legalize Marijuana

Armstrong Legalize Marijuana—Editor B (

Today in the legalization of Medical Marijuana here are the top stories to follow. Maryland Governor is signing a bill into law today that will provide access to Medicinal Marijuana under controlled conditions. New to the fight, Minnesota politicians are introducing their version of a Medical Marijuana bill today. And finally in Seattle they are struggling to find their way with the new legalization of marijuana law. Read more below and more news to follow soon.

Minn. Lawmakers to Introduce Medical Marijuana Bill Thursday
Minn. Lawmakers to Introduce Medical Marijuana Bill Thursday. A bill legalizing medical marijuana is back in Minnesota. On Thursday, a group of lawmakers from both parities will introduce legislation that would allow Minnesotans to use medical
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Medical Marijuana Bill To Be Signed
WBAL Radio
Program applications will be required to specify qualifying medical conditions for treatment; treatment duration and dosage; where marijuana would be obtained; sources of funding; and a plan for monitoring data and outcomes. Along with the medical
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Uncertainty looms as medical-marijuana providers consider what I-502 will mean
Queen Anne News
Lisa Dank, media coordinator at North Seattle Medical Collective, said, “There will be some conglomerate grow operations that are funded by the state and monitored. And with that, I expect it to be just average quality, because growing plants is a full
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Queen Anne
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Possession of Marijuana but…


Possession of Marijuana but...

Excellent Video clip on cannabis possession

Cellular Upload – Rendered in minimal-high quality for more quickly/simpler add from the automobile. This guy was stopped for possessing 1 headlight and other mechanical problems wi…

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PotLocator Takes No Gamble On Sin City Collectives – Health Care Marijuana Laws


Most recent news for health care marijuana laws

(PRWEB) April 12, 2013

Serving the nation as a top-tier listing for health-related cannabis sufferers striving to discover a risk-free-entry position to obtain their medicine, is a principal supplier of some of the most efficient and expert canna-connected services. By featuring the nation’s top dispensaries, collectives, smoke shops, supply solutions and lawyers that focus in health-related marijuana legislation, the company has no difficulty leaving guiding competitors this kind of as THC Finder, and WeedMaps trailing in the dust of their good results. In an increased effort to press advertising and marketing for trustworthy canna-companies, PotLocator has these days announced the addition of two Nevada-based health-related marijuana collectives that provider the increased Las Vegas area. The only point heating up aside from the present temperature in Nevada would be PotLocator’s extraordinary outreach and response from dispensaries and collectives throughout the country.

The modern additions of Sin Town Elite and J.A.H. Adore Compassionate Treatment ended up an absolute crucial to PotLocator’s quest in supplying health care cannabis clients in the desert with a reliable and discreet way to obtain their drugs. Each areas included to the company’s comprehensive roster are situated in the Amusement Capital of the World, Las Vegas. Acknowledged as one particular of the leading tourist destinations in the total entire world, Las Vegas is deemed the most populous town in the entire state of Nevada, and serves as the state’s principal portal for gambling, purchasing, fantastic eating and financial and cultural progress. When asked about what the enlargement of PotLocator into Sin Metropolis implies for the business, C.O.O. of PotLocator John Nicolazzo explained, “Supplying the hundreds upon hundreds of Nevada healthcare cannabis sufferers with a formidable and properly-highly regarded protected-access position to get drugs has constantly been a objective of this organization. By increasing into the desert, especially Las Vegas, we are additional spreading the reliable PotLocator identify and exposing to the business the compassionate companies supplied by these excellent areas.”

Sin City Elite is a healthcare marijuana collective shipping and delivery support that is found in Las Vegas, Nevada and functions above 7 distinct sorts of marijuana strains. These strains assortment from physique-induced feeling of Indicas such as 3 Kings OG, Presidential Bubba and Pure Kush, the cerebral medicating of Northern Lights or Pineapple Aspiration sativa strains, and the hybrid skills of Gods Gift and Purple Men and women Eater. Apart from featuring prime-shelf medication at an inexpensive price, Sin Metropolis Elite also features a vast assortment of smoking accessories and gear focused in the direction of the local community. This area also attributes substantial-quality hashish concentrates and pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. Sin Metropolis Elite supplies deliveries to sufferers from eleven a.m. to 11 p.m. and operates seven days a 7 days. Although found in Las Vegas, this area extends its effective supply solutions to the surrounding towns and cities of Hoover City, Bonanza Village, Vegas Heights, Winchester, Wann, Dawn Manor and Winterwood.

J.A.H. Enjoy Compassionate Care is a marijuana delivery support that gives deliveries of a patients higher-grade drugs in or about the area of Las Vegas, Nevada. Identified by numerous natives who are health-related cannabis patients in Nevada, this supply services attributes six diverse marijuana strains various from Indicas to sativas to hybrids. J.A.H. Enjoy Compassionate Care also offers a extensive selection of concentrates and edibles this kind of as Patient’s Selection Wax, LSD Kush fifty/50 BHO wax, cannabis-infused cake pops, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, toffee and cupcakes. Unlike numerous other amenities in Nevada, this distinct spot also has cannabis clones commonly obtainable for sufferers who are seeking to cultivate their very own medicine. J.A.H. Enjoy Compassionate Treatment outstretches its outstanding companies in marijuana supply to the surrounding cities and cities of Paradise, Bracken, Hillegas, Boulder Junction, Spring Valley, Valley and Whitney.

With PotLocator’s marketing outreach now stretching into the Valley of the Sunshine, the business sticks to its preliminary mission of becoming capable to provide individuals everywhere with a nearby and trustworthy secure-entry level to get their medicine. The modern addition of these two prestigious healthcare marijuana shipping and delivery solutions is only a mere small element of the bigger image that PotLocator is striving to form. With canna-organizations across the nation popping up on their new roster of clientele, anticipate numerous a lot more companies to follow in their footsteps.

More Health-related Cannabis Regulations Press Releases

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