Marijuana Defense Lawyer, Randy Collins, Announces New Opportunities for Orange County Locals

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Orange County, California (PRWEB) April 10, 2013

Although Californians have the ability to obtain medical marijuana cards, there are several circumstances where the use, sale, and transport of marijuana can result in fines, penalties, and extended incarceration. Attorney Randy Collins is hoping to level the playing field for those who are unable to afford expensive legal battles through free information.

In California, Senate Bill 420 has given those with legitimate health concerns the ability to obtain marijuana. Upon receiving a recommendation from a qualified physician, patients are then able to apply for a medical marijuana identification card and use marijuana to treat their conditions.

Federal law has outlawed the use, sale, and transport of marijuana for many years. Those who have followed California laws to obtain their medical marijuana license are still violating federal law and may be ordered to appear in court to defend them.

Attorney Randy Collins has worked with numerous marijuana users and has seen an unsettling trend develop. It is common for those who possess medical marijuana cards to try and represent themselves when faced with marijuana-related charges. Many of our clients have legitimate illnesses that are relieved by the use of marijuana and feel that since Californians support their legal right to use marijuana to relive pain, that their charges are not a big deal. These types of scenarios can lead to harsh punishments including expensive penalties and jail time.

There are plenty of instances where marijuana users would benefit from information, simply so that they can better understand the laws that govern their medicine. This isnt the same as taking Oxycontin, but they are both prescription drugs that can be abused. We want all Marijuana users to know that they are welcome to contact me, my partner, or any of our legal professionals to receive free case information, or for help clarifying marijuana laws for up to one hour. A full hour of free legal advice can make a huge difference. Although we will spend a considerable amount of time providing this free service, we enjoy assisting those who may not have the financial means to hire an attorney, said Attorney Collins.

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