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Boston, MA (PRWEB) May 23, 2013

CannaMed is now offering Medical Marijuana Consultations in Boston (Framingham). As per The Initiative Petition for a Law for the Humanitarian Medical Use of Marijuana that passed pursuant to Amendment Article 48 of the Massachusetts Constitution.


CannaMed is one of only a few Medical Marijuana Consolation centers in Boston.


Now patients that suffer from: Cancer, glaucoma, positive status for human immunodeficiency virus, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), hepatitis C, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Crohns disease, Parkinsons disease, multiple sclerosis and other conditions can qualify a Medical Marijuana ID Card and Recommendation Letter. CannaMed of Boston is now scheduling appointments for patients with debilitating medical conditions. (Patients who don’t qualify, don’t pay).


CannaMed was established in 2004 in California with goal of helping patients.


Step 1. Patients must bring medical records, treatment or diagnosis

Step 2. . Patients must bring in their Massachusetts I.D

Step 3. Schedule an appointment to see the Doctor

Step 4. Patients receive their Medical Marijuana Card & Recommendation Letter, if approved.


The cost is $ 199. CannaMed can be reached at (866) 624-1191. CannaMed of Boston is located at 873 Concord St. Framingham Ma 01702.

Hours: Mon 10am-5pm, Tue 10am-5pm, Wed 10am-5pm, Thur 10am-5pm, Fri 10am-5pm

Payments accepted: Cash

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Medical Marijuana Arrives on Capitol Hill


Medical Marijuana Arrives on Capitol Hill

Video on medical marijuana laws

Medical Marijuana Arrives on Capitol Hill | Pot TV…/Medical-Marijuana-Arrives-Capitol-H…‎Traduzir esta página 2 dias atrás — Yeah, The South…

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Colorado’s Medical / Marijuana Cannabis – Inside The Pot Vault


Colorado's Medical / Marijuana Cannabis - Inside The Pot Vault

Video on medical marijuana license


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Medical Marijuana Patient Sues Florida Sherriff Department for protection

Medical Marijuana Patient

Medical Marijuana Patient

Florida resident and long time activist Cathy Jordan is taking a stand on Medical Marijuana use. Cathy, a 63 year old woman suffering from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s Disease) that she has lived with since 1986, is suing the Sheriff Brad Steube of Manatee County Florida.

On February 15th 2013 the Manatee Sheriff’s office raided Ms Jordan’s home and took 23 medical cannabis plants,which were being grown and cared for by her husband Robert Jordan.  The plants were to treat Cathy’s condition.

Both Cathy and Robert co-operated with the Sheriff’s department and confirmed that the growing medical marijuana plants were for Cathy’s medical use.

The police raid of the Jordan’s home came just days after lawmakers introduced legislation, the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act, which sought to authorize the physician-supervised use of cannabis for those diagnosed with serious debilitating conditions. Coincidence that this happened at this time, I don’t think so. It’s appalling to think that the Sheriff’s department is trying to intimate those that are taking action to have marijuana legalized for medical use. Or at least that is sure how it appears to this observer.

After the Manatee County State Attorney’s office reviewed the facts of the case, they issued a memorandum on April 2, 2013 declining to prosecute either Cathy or her husband.

The Manatee County State’s Attorney’s office found that they could not likely overcome a medical marijuana necessity defense, which would be raised by the defendant should a prosecution be initiated.

However, the sheriff’s department has refused to return any of the cannabis that they confiscated from Ms. Jordan during the February 15 raid.

With this lawsuit, the plaintiffs seek a declaratory judgment finding that they have a legal right to cultivate and possess medical marijuana under Florida law; an injunction barring the sheriff’s department from making further seizures of medical marijuana from Cathy and Robert Jordan; and an injunction barring the initiation of criminal charges against either of the plaintiffs for their continued cultivation and possession of medical marijuana.

The lawsuit has been filed by Norm Kent of Fort Lauderdale, Chair of the NORML Board of Directors. NORML intends to file a friend of the court brief in the case once the defendants are served.

“This suit embodies NORML’s commitment to patients who have a medical need for marijuana, while simultaneously showing how the responsible use of cannabis by adults should not be restricted by law enforcement authorities,” said Kent. “We intend to prevail in this suit so that seriously ill patients like Cathy no longer have to fear arrest or state interference for simply using their medicine.”

“Cathy Jordan is a courageous woman who has been fighting for many years to legalize the medical use of marijuana for herself and other seriously ill patients,” added NORML Legal Counsel Keith Stroup. “We are proud to stand with Cathy and Robert Jordan to challenge he senseless arrest of patients who use marijuana medically.”

Florida is not among the 18 US states that presently exempt qualified patients from arrest for engaging in physician-authorized cannabis therapy.  Florida lawmakers failed to hold hearings or vote on a measure to protect Cathy, and other medical marijuana patients, that was introduced this year.

If you live in the state of Florida, now is the time to show your support. If you are able, get involved and show your support for Cathy and Robert Jordan and the other needy medical marijuana users in the state of Florida.



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Not everyone agrees that Medical Marijuana Works


2011 04 11 - 7652 - Washington DC - DC Rights ...

The discussion on the validity of Marijuana in treating pain still rages on. One of the big issues is the lack of direction at the Federal Level which has led for a great deal of disparity between the 19 states that now have a Medical Marijuana law.

There is no clear cut standard as to which ailments the Marijuana should be used for and that is based entirely on misleading and uninformed lawmakers deciding on this every important issue. Below is a chart those shows the differences between each state and how wide and varying it is. All of this leads to further confusion and uncertainty.

It’s about time that the Feds step in and create a Federal Medical Marijuana framework that each of the states can work withing to satisfy the growing majority that now support the use of Medical Marijuana.

Strong Scientific Opinions on both Sides of Medical Marijuana Issue.

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California Medical Marijuana Claims


Since the passage of Proposition 215, also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, thousands of patients in California legally use medical marijuana laws to relieve symptoms of many medical environment and side effects of sure medical treatments. However, there are many others who have not yet enjoyed the profit of this powerful drug, because they understand the requirements of California’s medical marijuana. The good news is that medical marijuana states laws in California are among the toughest in the country, what it means to have legal contact to medical marijuana in California is comparatively easy for patients in need. For medical marijuana in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or everyplace in the Golden States, just follow these requirements in California’s medical marijuana:

* You must be 18 old years or, if less than 18 old years, accompanied by a parent or guardian.

* You be required to a California resident with proof of residence.

* You must be suffering from one of the qualifiers following medical conditions: anorexia, arthritis, cachexia, cancer, chronic pain, glaucoma, HIV or AIDS, migraine, persistent muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis, seizures, epilepsy, severe nausea, or any further chronic or importunate medical symptom that: severely limits the patient’s ability to carry out one or other major life behavior as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and if not mitigated, can cause serious damage to security patient’s health or physical and mental.

* You must find a medical marijuana reference from a licensed physician that indicates the state will profit from the medicinal apply of cannabis. Find a qualified 420 doctor of medical marijuana in California.

Once upon a time you have obtained a medical marijuana reference from your doctor, who has completed all the requirements of California’s medical marijuana. But there’s also program card medical marijuana in California, called the Medical Marijuana States Laws that provides identification medical marijuana cards for patients and caregivers. Remember, get a map of marijuana is strictly voluntary and not a condition for medical marijuana in California.

If you want more comfort and back to the states identification cards, click on the link to contact the county program’s specific information on how to apply. Requirements to qualify for medical marijuana cards MMP vary County.

Hi i am Maria Gones. This article helps you to know about marijuana states laws. If you desire to find medical marijuana card for medical purpose this article helpful to you. So you get recommendations about how to access medical marijuana from licensed marijuana doctor in your area.

San Diego Medical Marijuana Marti Emerald

Great Video on medical marijuana laws

San Diego Medical Marijuana Marti Emerald flip flops on her position. She was the biggest let down of the day.

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Not a Good day for Medical Marijuana in America


Medical marijuana dispensary on Ventura Boulev...

Top news today on Medical Marijuana is not all good that’s for sure. Court rules in Riverside California case stating that it is OK for local government to ban dispensaries despite the state law that has legalized it. The Feds are stepping up on West Coast dispensaries and trying to shut them down.

And much more you can read below. It appears that the will of the people and state laws are being totally ignored or overruled at every turn. The fight to get Medical Marijuana available to those that need it is far from won. We need to keep up the pressure. If you haven’t already, consider joining our “Take Action” Petition and Newsletter by CLICKING HERE today.

MEDICAL MARIJUANA: Local governments can ban dispensaries, court rules
In a case that originated in Riverside, the California Supreme Court ruled 7-0 that local governments can ban medical marijuana dispensaries. The court said nothing in current laws authorizing medical marijuana in California grants a “right” of
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Medical Marijuana Inc.: Whistling Dixie, Blowing Smoke
Seeking Alpha
I have been so focused on transparency and accounting issues that I have missed what may be an even bigger part of the story: Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA.PK) gets no benefit from sales of Dixie Elixirs and other Dixie products in Colorado. I first
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Montana’s Medical Marijuana Battle: “Code of the West” Filmmaker Rebecca
The film chronicles the legislative battle over a bill that would repeal the state’s 2004 legalization of medical marijuana. The fight was spurred by some Montanans’ concerns over the appearance of medical marijuana dispensaries and advertisements in
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Feds Ramp Up Crackdowns On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
In several West Coast cities, federal officials are initiating a new round of crackdowns against dispensaries that are seemingly complying with state medical marijuana law. In Seattle, 11 dispensaries received shutdown warnings. In San Francisco
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Medical Cannabis Advocates to Rally in Statewide Protest Against the Feds
SF Weekly (blog)
Medical cannabis supporters will rally in front of the San Francisco Federal Building at noon today, joining Sacramento and Los Angeles to protest the feds’ nonstop stonewalling of California medical marijuana laws. Rally organizers are urging
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SF Weekly (blog)
Texas Penalty Reduction Bill Advances, Medical Marijuana Bill Awaits Vote
The Daily Chronic
AUSTIN, TX — As the legalization of marijuana — and marijuana reform in general — has gained traction across the country, legislators in Texas are considering several bills that would reduce the penalties for some marijuana offenses.. Introduced in
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Maryland Gov O’Malley signs Medical Marijuana into Law

Maryland Marijuana Law

Maryland Marijuana Law

Congratulations to Maryland, on becoming the 19th state to have some sort of legalized Marijuana law on the books. Although this law is seemed by many to be very rigorous and unweildy it is a step in the right direction.

Hopefully it won’t be long before this much needed service of Medical Marijuana will be available to the people of the great state of Maryland.

In other news the state of New York also has Medical Marijuana legislation slowly working it’s way threw committees.


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Medical Marijuana | KYVE 47 Insiders Roundtable


Medical Marijuana | KYVE 47 Insiders Roundtable

Fantastic Video clip on washington state healthcare cannabis Original airdate: November 21, 2011. Insiders Roundtable seems at Washington state’s health-related marijuana debate.

Medical Marijuana Trim so sticky it holds it's shape like a brick

Fantastic Video clip on washington condition medical cannabis

Trim from the base fifty percent of a grand haze plant and a Jilly bean plant. Hearth! All of this was developed with a Washington state healthcare marijuana license!!!

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