Medical Marijuana News for New Hampshire, Ohio and Minnesota May 3 2013

Medical Cannabis Growing Operation in Oakland,...There has been lots of movement in the legalization of Medical Marijuana all over the United States. Below are excerpts and links to complete stories on three states, New Hampshire, Ohio and Minnesota that are slowly moving forward to making Medicinal Marijuana available to it’s people.

From what I can see the big hang up, or sticking point for many is the home grown portions of any legislation. So initially many states may be bringing in laws that will prohibit home grown supply of Medical Marijuana to help satisfy both law enforcement and the federal government.

Medical cannabis is only two steps away
Foster’s Daily Democrat
Maggie Hassan has made what we believe is a reasonable request as the state Senate considers HB 573, a bill to legalize the use of medical marijuana. Having passed the House last month by a veto-proof majority, 286-64, the effort is less sure in the
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Minnesota medical marijuana supporters to push for legalization next year
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Legislators are disagreeing on a lot of big issues, but they found a bit of common ground Thursday — medical marijuana. It’s too late to push a bill through this session, but about 40 legislators in both parties, including more than a dozen committee
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Hagan introduces medical marijuana bills
Youngstown Vindicator
A state lawmaker wants Ohioans to be able to partake of marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes. Rep. Bob Hagan of Youngs- town, D-58th, introduced legislation this week with hopes of following Colorado and Washington as pot-friendly states.
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Medical marijuana debate returns to Minn. Capitol
ST. PAUL, Minn. – The political battle over medical marijuana will unfold in the 2014 session, but backers introduced their bills Thursday to get the conversation started early. “That’s the goal, to get people on board, and talk about it over the
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