Think The Cops Are Against Us?

Police Want To Legalize Marijuana Too!

legalise (Photo credit: mardi grass 2011)

The police disagree with the criminalization of Marijuana use too!

In Rolling Stone Magazine Baltimore narcotics veteran Neil Franklin says:

“If you are truly a proponent of public safety, if you truly want safer communities, then it’s a no-brainer that we have to end drug prohibition and treat [marijuana] as a health issue, like we did with tobacco,” says Franklin. “Education and treatment is the most effective and cost-efficient way to reduce drug use.”

On the other hand, adds Franklin, “If you support a current system of drug prohibition, then you support the very same thing that the cartel and neighborhood gangs support. You might as well be standing next to them, shaking hands. ┬áBecause they don’t want an end to prohibition, either.”

Read the full article… It’s interesting to understand this war on drugs from their perspective!

Spoiler Alert – They think the system is a mess too!

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