Think The Cops Are Against Us?


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The police disagree with the criminalization of Marijuana use too!

In Rolling Stone Magazine Baltimore narcotics veteran Neil Franklin says:

“If you are truly a proponent of public safety, if you truly want safer communities, then it’s a no-brainer that we have to end drug prohibition and treat [marijuana] as a health issue, like we did with tobacco,” says Franklin. “Education and treatment is the most effective and cost-efficient way to reduce drug use.”

On the other hand, adds Franklin, “If you support a current system of drug prohibition, then you support the very same thing that the cartel and neighborhood gangs support. You might as well be standing next to them, shaking hands.  Because they don’t want an end to prohibition, either.”

Read the full article… It’s interesting to understand this war on drugs from their perspective!

Spoiler Alert – They think the system is a mess too!

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2 Responses to Think The Cops Are Against Us?

  1. gaurab says:

    what initiation i can take to legalize medicinal marijuana in nepal???

    • John Francis says:

      Good Question! In the USA We have to go through the Federal Government and then each state will try to regulate it. Our hope is that the Feds will legalize it for the whole country…

      Perhaps check with your local government or look for legalize Marijuana groups in your area… I am 100% unfamiliar with the regulations and/or laws in Nepal…

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